Care for Your Hair

Extension home care

  1. Brush hair with extension brush when dry before shampooing. It's better to go into the shower with no knots.
  2. Wash gently. Never ball up hair. Keep it straight. 
  3. Condition mid shaft to ends none on root. 
  4. After showering, towel dry moisture out. Do not brush when wet. Put in oil. Start with dime size amount. Then put in another dime size amount. Don't be afraid of using product. More is always better for the extension hair. 
  5. After oil is in, if hair is a little tangled, you can brush starting with ends. When hair is wet there is no need to brush at the scalp. This is when the brush might get caught on a bead and snag the hair. Only brush from root to ends with extension brush when dry. 
  6. Let hair either air dry or rough dry without a brush until it's about 90% dry. Then smooth it out with a brush. You can also use a curling iron or flat iron. On days you don't wash, just brush in the morning.You can also brush at night before bed and either sleep with a low pony or two loose braids. The less tension you use, the better.  This helps the hair last longer and keeps the beads in place.