how long do Voël Extensions take to apply?

Approximately 2 hours.

How long do they take to remove

Voël hair extensions are the fastest removal process taking only 20 mins tops and require no solution or oil to remove them. Most extensions when removed is where the breakage process can happen because harsh glues and tape get stuck in the hair and often break the hair when combing out.

why 2 1/2 inches?

After testing different types and sizes, I have found this sizing to be the most comfortable and gives the ability to put it up in many different hair styles. This width allows the weft to lay comfortably on the sides of the head by the ears where women suffer thinness and hair loss around the hairline.

You are not using the right products. hair products are very important for the extension hair and your own. Do not use products with alcohol. Use oils and creams. these extensions tangle just like your real hair. Using oils, conditioner and brushing the hair regularly will combat that problem.

What if hair gets tangled?

If you lose a bead, don't worry. That is why you have 5 beads on each weft. There is no tension or stress on the hair if one falls out. You can also use less conditioner at the root. Keep conditioner from mid-shaft to the ends of the hair.

What if a bead falls out?

Voël works best with women that have fine to medium hair. When the hair is too thick, they are harder to blend because the wefts are so fine.

Who should wear Voël?

how long do they last?

They last 1–3 months. As with other extensions, this depends on your texture, how quickly your hair grows, and how you take care of your hair. You should not go longer than 3 months for a tightening. That is also where damage can occur.

Remy means that the cuticle is all wefted in the same direction so the hair does not matte.

what is remy hair?

Yes, if the weft is taken care of—i.e. not brushed at the root too hard—it can be reused.

Can I reuse the hair?

If the weft is taken care of, it can last for 6 months up to a year.

How long can I reuse the wefts for?

The hair is minimally processed and not heavily coated with silicone. if you brush carefully and use the products recommended the hair will last a long time—approximately 6 months to a year.

Why can these wefts be reused for so long?

You have to be Voël certified to purchase from the shop. Once certified, you will be given a password that gives you access to purchase items.

How do I purchase from the shop?

Please email us to inquire about pricing.

How much is the course to get certified?

The course is 4 hours that covers the following:

  • Learn about Voël wefts and the difference between these extensions compared to others
  • How to install this method
  • What is needed to complete a full head of extensions
  • Different ways to use Voël extensions
  • Theory on why extensions can go wrong and what causes damage and breakage
  • How to cut extensions

There are no live models needed. Mannequin heads and everything else you will need will be provided.

what should I expect with the class?